Thursday, December 1, 2011

Imposing views

For those who may not know, I of course have an Instagram. And we all know that being on social networks may bring people who have strong opinions and feel the need to express them. There has been this one individual who has commented on quite a number of my pictures with their beliefs. Now, I have no problem with someone being opinionated and I respect those with the guts to express them. Especially when they are different than the majority. BUT there is a way to express them. And when you are commenting on someone else's profile, the owner has the automatic right to cuss you out... am I wrong?

So, as a natural, I am very well aware that when some ladies decide to go natural, during their journey, they have an awakening. They become more aware of their African descent, and that's a wonderful thing. But just a year ago, you were perming your hair and listening to Lil Wayne. Now you are natural and listen to Lauryn Hill all day and night. And Amen to that because artists like Lauryn, Erykah, The Roots, Common, Maxwell, Jill Scott, etc. are my absolute favorite and I've been a fan of theirs since the beginning of time. BUT don't you start proclaiming that people need to start listening to the same type of music because the music that they listen to (that YOU were listening to just yesterday) is so horrible. You, my friend, are being a hypocrite.

So, now you have been fully natural for the past year. And have taken it upon yourself to tell those who are still perming their hair that they have a case of "self-hate" and they need to love themselves naturally. Well, just last year, you too my friend, had that creamy crack in your hair. Just because you were hating yourself while perming your hair does not mean that all permed ladies hate themselves. And actually, there are quite a few naturals who still hate themselves. There are some who have poor body images and result to bulimia, anorexia, and over exercising. There are some who abuse drugs and alcohol. There are some who are promiscuous and don't care about the health of others or even themselves. Going natural does not mean that all of a sudden, your head will be clear and you will see the silver lining in the sky and will automatically fall in love with yourself and all will be right with the world. So stop telling people that they hate themselves just because they are doing the very same thing YOU and I were doing not too long ago. You, my friend, are being a hypocrite.

Some of you may or may not know but I am a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. which is a Black Greek Letter Organization. We refer to the Divine 9 as Greek Life because the names of our organizations are Greek letters. NOT because we are Greek, not because we are incorporating the Greek lifestyle into our daily lives. We don't worship Greek Gods, we don't eat Greek salads, and we don't study Greek mythology. We are Black organizations geared toward the betterment of our people. Period. So saying that your African life is better than my Greek European life is uncalled for. Just because you may not understand or agree with me being in a sorority, that does not give you the right to degrade what is a part of me. You, my friend, are just being ignorant.

I am very happy that we are embracing our African heritage and are passionate about it. But when you become demeaning and disrespectful to your own just because they are not doing what you are doing, YOU are the one who needs to take a look in the mirror and reevaluate. Life is about uplifting and teaching. Not degrading and demeaning. Check yourself. Until next time...

- MaiyaH