Thursday, October 6, 2011

Natural hair as a trend.

For those of you who are unaware, I am a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Last week, my linesister posted a comment on Twitter (follow me if you'd like @MAIchickBAD) saying, "I wonder what females will do when this natural hair flower in the bush trend is over!" I didn't even see the comment until she @'d me and a few of our other LSs who are natural saying that she's surprised that we didn't rip her a new one. Stats on my LSs and I- there are 15 of us, 9 of us are natural and I personally thing that is an absolutely beautiful thing. But back to the story. I then replied to her in a number of tweets but I will elaborate more in this post.

This whole "natural hair trend" term is... Quite interesting. How can something that naturally occurs be a trend? If this were the case, when people of European heritage tan their skin, that would be considered "normal" and those who would rather not risk getting skin cancer or are just comfortable and secure with their natural skin tone would be "trending"... Correct? People who wear colored contacts would be "normal" and those who show off the natural color of their eyes would be "trending"... Right? And there are many other examples that could be used to further prove my point but I'm sure you get it. In no way am I saying that perms are a "trend" because I was permed for most of my 25 years as many women of African heritage are. I have no problem with a head of permed hair. I still stop and compliment women with beautiful permed hair with no hesitation. BUT, I decided for myself that permed hair would no longer be MY hair. No, my hair was not damaged, think, broken off, etc. when I was permed. Looking at pictures of myself as a child with my beautiful, thick, healthy curls is what moved me to no longer conform to the norms of society and embrace what was naturally given to me. It has been 3 exciting and frustrating years of me being natural and I have absolutely no desire to perm my hair ever again. When I'm having a bad hair day, I'd rather chop all my hair off and rock a short cut than perm my hair. So again, I ask. How can something natural be a trend?

What I left out about the tweet from my beautiful LS is the fact that she even attempted to go natural. Now, for her and many other women who attempt to go natural but unfortunately do not succeed, if you want to say that this is a "natural hair trend", I'd agree with you... When it comes to YOU. You unfortunately were unable to follow through with your goal, thus falling victim to the "creamy crack" once again and that is fine! But for the women who were able to successfully accomplish their goal of obtaining a head full of healthy luscious curls, I know this is cliche but, this is a lifestyle. Having a perm is normal for you but being natural has become normal for us. I straightened my hair about 4 weeks ago. It was the 1st time that all of my hair had be straight since I was permed back in April 2008. And let me tell you all how much I did NOT like my hair in it's straight state!

Don't get me wrong, it was absolutely beautiful BUT, it was not me. Over these 3 years, I have grown to love my natural beauty. My straight hair had nothing on my huge fro!

So believe me when I say that this is NOT a trend. It's beauty in it's most natural state.

And finally, it is absolutely amazing how our own people are not accepting of natural hair! And of corse this all began we before you and I were even thought of. Light-skinned vs. Dark-skinned. Men vs. women. Tall vs. Short. Skinny vs. Voluptuous. Young vs. Old. If you haven't checked it out, please Google the Willy Lynch theory also called a "letter" but I've learned that there was no actual letter. This will help explain why there is so much discrimination amongst our own people. But, back to the topic. I receive SO many compliments from people who are not of African heritage about my hair asking me how I get it to look like this. And when I tell them that I don't do anything, it's just naturally like this, they look at me amazed and tell me that it's awesome, beautiful, pretty, cool, you name it, they've said it. But MY people on the other hand have completely different reactions. Stares, rolled eyes, looks of shock as if they can't believe that I'd walk out of the house like this, and other rude actions. My own grandmother, who I love dearly, asked me if there is anything I can do to my hair to make it look "less nappy." Now, I had to remember that she was my granny because I got SO mad. And then I also remembered that she, along with all other 80-something Black women, grew up in the time of segregation. And straightening their hair was their way of "fitting in." So, I composed myself and told her that there was absolutely nothing wrong with my hair and I love it just the way it is. This is how God created me and I took it upon myself to embrace it. That was 2 years ago and she respected my opinion then and still respects it now. And even compliments me on my hair. But, it just hurts that my own people seem to sort of be disgusted with the fact that many women are now embracing what is natural. For me, it doesn't play a part at all in whether I want to remain natural or not. Those who know me know that I may ask someone for advice but ultimately, I do what I want and am proud of myself and my decisions. But it is still disheartening.

What conclusions have you drawn from this "natural hair trend" term? Has it affected your natural hair journey? Or has it not affected you at all?
P.s. This is not a shot at my LS. I love her with all my heart. I just wanted to use this situation as a platform for this post.

Until next time... Peace!


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  1. I'm so glad you made a blog for natural hair! I think your hair always looks nice and as much as I try I can never get it to look quite like yours! Enh, maybe I should try my own styles!

  2. I love this post!!!! Great way to clarify and also provide perspective at the same time!

  3. I agree its kind of disheartening to hear people say that it is a trend. For myself I was so used to seeing long luxurious hair that seemed like the only acceptable way to wear your hair. I chose to go natural because I had just cut all my hair off for the first time and I loved the texture of the back of my hair but each time I went to the salon they would cut it lol! I just stopped going and said that's enough and my natural hair journey started.

    The best thing I heard was from my grandfather, he said to me one days "why don't you stop getting that mess in your hair, just let it grow." He loves my natural hair!!

  4. I loooove your hair i always have (does that sound creepy? lol) i follow you on tumblr and just saw that you on here as well thru the good hair blog feature on you!

    anyway i love your blog :) followin this one as well

  5. @Im Chill Like That ^_^ I LOVE grandpa for that! That was a very sweet thing. My Daddy is the same. He's VERY pro-Black and absolutely adores my hair. And tells me that he didn't know HIS hair looked like that, lol. I'm a carbon copy of my Daddy.

  6. @Kenzie Leigh I love creeps, lol! Thank u, baby! ^_^

  7. Hey Maiya! Just found your blog today, and love this post! My husband actually asked me if I would perm my hair now (background: I've been natural over 10 yrs) that it's such a popular trend and I'm not as original. Now he loves me and loves my hair and didn't mean any harm, but I told him NO. I didn't do this to be different, I did it to be ME, and I'm ecstatic to see so many women embracing it, AND I'm learning so much from you guys.

    Giirl if I ONLY had YouTube when I first started! lol Would have saved me a lot of BCs but it's all good. You are gorgeous btw, and your hair is fierce. Just wanted to say hi and share my two cents. (I'm BSU alum btw ...class of '04;)

    My blogger acct is old, but here's my Tumblr:

  8. Hey! I found you from Alex and I am loving your blog and your pics! Your eyebrows and hair are fab:) Question- the bracelet in the last pic, did you purchase or make that? I want one:) lol

  9. Good blog! Loved the way you put it!! I get tired of hearing about this "trend" stuff!